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I love Twitter but it does have some drawbacks. I think the biggest pain is that you can't edit your tweets after posting them. That means that if your phone randomly auto-corrects or you miss an apostrophe or whatever, you have to delete your tweet and start again. This extends to photos and alt text. If you forget to do it, you can't go back and add it later, like you can with Facebook. So you've got to remember at the point of tweeting.

I usually add my photo before I write my tweet. When you add your photo, you get a nice clear Edit button. Click it.

When you click on the Edit button, you get a window with two options: one allows you to crop your image and the other allows you to add alt text. Click on the Alt tab at the top of the window and type your description into the box at the bottom. Then click Save.

When you have written your tweet and clicked Tweet, you will be able to see your post. You'll know that it has alt text because it will have an Alt sign in the bottom left corner.

So although Twitter doesn't let you go back and add your alt text after you've tweeted, I think the process of doing it is much easier than it is for Facebook. Have you started doing this yet?


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