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Phase 1 complete

The last few weeks at work have been very exciting! After what feels like months of planning, the first phase of my project, the replacement of our IT infrastructure, has actually happened. There were moments when I thought it wouldn't happen, or that something would go seriously wrong, but all the planning paid off and the actual installation went really well. Promethean ActivPanels This isn't the whole thing but one of the most exciting bits of this new kit, for me, is the replacement of our various makes and models of interactive whiteboards with these modern ActivPanels. I can't wait to deliver the training sessions for our tutors and other staff in a couple of weeks, as I'm sure everyone will love the ease of use and the look and feel of these. I've used Promethean products for years now but have largely stuck to ActivInspire as my preferred software. I remember being very excited a few years ago, when my eldest son won a set of 32 ActivExpressions (vo

An education revolution?

Earlier this week, I was browsing through LinkedIn on my phone and I came across a link to a government news story: New technology to spearhead classroom revolution . In the link text, I spotted that it was aimed at schools, FE and HE and that got my attention. It must be worth a read, I thought. I have to admit, when I read the first paragraph about virtual journeys through the Amazon, I almost switched off, only because that is so far removed from our daily experience of entry level maths, English and ICT that it didn't seem relevant. But then, I spotted a phrase that appealed to my love of lists and bullet points: "help tackle the five biggest issues facing schools and classroom teachers today" and I decided to find out what the government thought these five issues might be. Did I find out what those five big issues are? Not exactly, but it referred to some of them, loosely, and they included developing innovative teaching practices, cutting teacher workload and prom