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Completion of a tough job

Just under a year ago, I took on a project that was expected to last about 3 months. It was supposed to be an easy win, where the SME already had most of the content and wanted to make quick progress. Today, I finished the build of this eLearning package. It still needs a couple of updates and to go through the review process, but the actual content and build is finally done! So what have I learned from this quick win that took almost a year? 1. Ask more questions at the beginning.  Before I begin any new projects, I want to be 100% sure that the client knows exactly what the project is about and can communicate that to me. Vague ideas aren't a good starting point. I want to know: What is the subject? Who (specifically) is it aimed at?  What do they want learners to learn? What behaviour changes do they want to see as a result? Why has this piece been commissioned right now? Is it connected to other projects? What has triggered this project? In short, before I go