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Cloned Interview with Adobe Premiere Pro

Just over a year ago, I subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud. It's a suite of applications for photo editing, graphic design/creating, video editing and loads more. It was quite expensive, even with a substantial discount but I really wanted to develop some new skills that would sit alongside my Articulate skills. Each week, the Articulate community posts a challenge. Usually, it's something to do with Storyline and eLearning but this week's was to create a cloned interview.  Cloned Interview "What on earth is a cloned interview?" you may ask. Well, I had no idea either. I watched a couple of examples and soon it became obvious. It's a video where you have two of the same person and they interact with each other.  It kind of reminded me of The Lady in the Van. Alan Bennett has two personas in the film and they talk to each other. It's quite an interesting technique but I figured the subject has to fit that kind of thing. Positive Self-Talk I've had vario