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2.4.1 Bypass blocks

I thought this one would be easier to show than write about, so I made a 10 minute video. Hopefully, it also gives you an idea of how Dragon works, as well as what this guideline is about and how to achieve it.

2.3 Seizures and physical reactions

Like my last post, I'm going to cover the wider section and gloss over the subsections within it. This guideline says: Do not design content in a way that is known to cause seizures or physical reactions. I would like to hope that in 2021, people are aware that flashing lights can cause seizures for people with certain conditions. From personal experience of photosensitivity, they can also trigger migraines. Who knows what else?  I would question why you would use flashing, given that this is known to be problematic but like the safety note on suppositories that tells you not to take them orally, you know someone is trying it. PowerPoint I have to confess that I'm not the greatest fan of PowerPoint. I was a primary school teacher back in the day when it was all new and exciting. Y6 children (initially) were taught how to use PowerPoint and then gave endless presentations to their class, the school, the staff, different classes, etc. They made all the rookie errors, because we (