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The demise of the interactive whiteboard

A bit of personal history In 2001, I started working at a school in Calderdale, where two or three SmartBoards had just been installed as part of the first interactive whiteboard pilot. We had a teacher there, at that time, who was really into ICT for learning and she opened up training opportunities for me, that have impacted my whole career. I benefitted from some excellent SmartBoard training, which led to other ICT initiatives, which later led to me becoming an Advanced Skills Teacher (AST), specialising in ICT for learning. In 2004, I moved to a Kirklees school, where I introduced interactive whiteboards and started working with Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs). As an AST, I did quite a lot of cross-authority work, embedding new technologies into learning, using them to engage reluctant learners, address behaviour issues and generally make learning more relevant and fun. I had a kind-of career plan but that got side-stepped when we suddenly decided to move to Finland. I