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Progress bars in Storyline 3

Quick bit of background explanation for anyone who's here for the first time: I've recently started working as an e-learning designer and the main software we use is Articulate Storyline. I got started with it back in December and have had to pick it up quite quickly, in order to get rolling with my new job. I'm pretty confident with most aspects of Storyline now but want to extend my skill set and learn how to do things that aren't necessarily related to my main work. One really good way of doing this is by participating in the weekly Articulate community e-learning challenges. This week was a good one for learning something new - progress bars. The Challenge #224 - How are designers using progress bars in e-learning? The challenges are usually posted on a Saturday afternoon and I picked this one up early enough to spend some time on it yesterday evening. The idea is to create/adapt something and post a link to it. I decided to adapt one of my old blog post

Assistive Technologies

The world of assistive technologies (ATs) has been a bit of theme at work this week. One of our clients know that they have learners who use JAWS, Dragon, etc. and they really want to be sure that our products are compatible and will work properly with these ATs. I've had several phone conversations about this and I've gone back to one of the MA modules I studied and done some extra research, as well as using my own personal experiences, to come up with some clear answers. Dragon I am a Dragon user. I got it when I started my Master's course with the Open University. I had a disability assessment and some very nice chap visited me at home, asked hundreds of questions about my condition and how it affects me, and then recommended a chair and Dragon. Thankfully these were paid for by DSA (disabled student allowance), as they were both pretty pricey! So, what is Dragon? It's basically a speech to text tool. I use it most for producing lengthy documents, where typing