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It's all about the learners

If I had to pull out one thing that defines me as a teacher, it would be that the children/ pupils/ students/ learners - whatever we call them - must come first. Everything we do... every decision we take, as managers or as educators, it must be about the learner. JISC Digital Experience Survey 2018 Several times a week, I browse through my Edtech list on Twitter to see what's new. This week, the most interesting thing I saw was this . JISC have been asking learners for their views about all things digital, in relation to FE and HE. When I delved a little deeper and read the full report, I found that they had surveyed some Adult Learning providers and Employment and Skills providers but there were so few results that it didn't warrant a separate category on the report. If you work in FE/HE or are interested in post-16 education, you really need to read the report. Especially, if you are responsible for IT/digital in education, this will be worth a read. Also, it has to be