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Microsoft Forms

If I were in a position to start afresh with online learning provision, what would I choose? This is a question that I've been asking myself over the last few months. I guess it's really part of a bigger question of what our education system could look like if we built it from scratch, with no preconceived ideas of what it should be. So would I go for an all-singing, all-dancing VLE or would a combination of individual online tools be more useful? Would I be prepared to pay or should it be free? Are there certain things that are more important in adult learning than if I were in a school? So many questions! So many options! Somewhere down the line of thought processes, I ended up looking at Microsoft 365 for Education. That's where I'm currently at. This morning, I've been playing around with Microsoft Forms. Forms looks like a good-ish tool for doing quizzes and surveys. It would also lend well to learning activities where learners need to gather opinions o


This tool is similar to Padlet in some ways. It's a mindmapping tool. I used it to create a visual representation of my Personal Learning Environment, which looks like this... If you've never used it before, why not give it a go. You need to register but it's free to use.   Getting started When you first log in, you arrive at your home page, which shows you all your existing Popplets. You can also see loads of public ones and some of them are quite interesting. Click on 'make new popplet' and then this screen will pop up. Give your popplet a name. Hopefully you will be a little more adventurous than me. Also pick a background screen colour. I picked pink. It is very pink. I'd better start filling it with new popples. Just click on the screen and a popple will appear. Adding Popples You can type in your popples and change the font size. You can also change the colours of the outline boxes like this... Adding Images/Video Yo