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Learning new tech through the #TwoPointSixChallenge

Challenge summary To get the whole story, you'd be best reading my Part-time on Wheels blog. In this post, I want to share about some of the techie things I learned or did for the first time, whilst making our video . I used a rather old Sony HD camcorder and various bits of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Hopefully, this will be useful to somebody. Adobe Illustrator I was watching one of the Spring Harvest videos over Easter and they had a cool frame around the film clip. I liked the effect and wanted to give that a try. So I used Illustrator to create a frame. The cool thing with Adobe, is that you don't even have to export it. You can just drag the Illustrator file onto the Premiere Pro timeline and they play very nicely together. This was handy, as I decided to change the frame several times before finally settling on this one: Adobe Media Encoder My old but trusty Sony camcorder produces all the video files in MTS format, which isn't accepted by Premiere

An opportunity for change

Professor Sugata Mitra Many years ago, I had the privilege of listening to this amazing guy give the keynote speech at a conference. He spoke about our education system and showed some powerful photographic images to explain why our schools are the way they are. It made more sense to me than anything I had ever heard before. Here's the gist of it... Our Victorian education system The education system was created, to ensure that children were given the skills they would need to be able to live and work as adults and to contribute to society. What did the workplace of the late 1800s look like? Well, there were different jobs but the everyday person might work in one of the following places: An office - everyone would have their own desk, usually in rows and columns, facing the front. It was very important to be able to write neatly and legibly. You would do a piece of work, and then hand it in to the supervisor at the front of the office.  It's easy to see how a cla