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Last week, I joined a regional group, that are meeting to discuss new best practices in FE. One aspect of this is new technologies. We were discussing quizzing tools and I heard about Plickers, which I definitely want to try out. Once I've given it a go, I'll post about it.

One quizzing tool that I really like and use a fair bit, is Socrative. It's free but you have to register and create an account. Then you log in as a teacher, create your quizzes and save them. Once in a classroom or training situation, participants can use their mobile devices or a PC to access the student app. I usually project the teacher view onto the board. Once registered, you have a room number allocated and students just log in to that room to join in the quiz.


You can create multiple choice, true/false or short answer questions. Just click on the type you want and then use the interface to add questions, answers and correct responses.

Multiple choice questions can have one or more corr…