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The benefits of technology during Coronavirus isolation

Working from home I work just over half my time from home, as the norm. I love it! As an introvert, I find it very helpful to have time working alone, to work without my energy being sapped. It's not that I don't like people... I just get my energy from time alone, whereas extroverts get their energy from others. The team I work with are amazing! They really are! We are the most diverse bunch of people, spread out across the country and we all have different skills and personalities. Even before this virus appeared, we made every effort to stay in touch and make sure the remote workers were included. What we didn't need to do, is pay attention to those who, because of location and/or preference, work in the main office.  Collaboration It has never been easier to stay in touch, even when isolating. Most of us have some form of social media, a smart phone, messaging and video tools. From a work perspective, if you haven't used these tools before, I would reco