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Leaving well

I have a friend who often inspires me and who I would consider to be a major role model in my life. One of the things we have occasionally talked about and that I have observed at least twice in his work is the idea of 'leaving well'. I really love new starts and get quite excited about new opportunities. In some ways, I like routine and don't like sudden and unexpected change but when change is planned and I have time to work with it, I actually quite like a change from time-to-time. I was offered my new position as an e-learning designer way back at the beginning of December and a 2 month notice period was always going to be tough. I was fortunate that my colleagues and tutors have been fantastically positive and supportive, knowing I was likely to move on at some point, but those I work closely with have taken several opportunities to point out that I will leave a hole in their world and they will really miss me. Actually most of them told me they'd miss Liggy, my