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Digital Skills

In my attempt to become expert in using Articulate Storyline, each week, I consider entering their eLearning challenge. This week, the challenge was to produce something around the theme of Lost Arts. They suggested a number of things: knitting, knot tying, fire building, etc. My friends on Facebook inspired me with many more ideas, but I ended up rejecting them all and going with the Lost Arts of Technology . I was thinking about the things that we used to do in the 80s and 90s that were early digital skills, but which are no longer relevant skills. That has got me thinking, in the era of digital skills, especially in relation to employability, which digital skills will endure and which will fade away? I think it does depend on many things, not least the type of work that somebody hopes to get. The digital skills required for farming might be different from those required for software development, but I wonder what digital skills are likely to be needed, long term for the majority o